Creating Professional IT Solutions

Probity is a software development and systems engineering company, providing software development, system integration and systems engineering for government and national defense related clients. Probity specializes in providing customer support in the following areas; scaling for the enterprise, media exploitation, large scale data exploitation and enterprise search capabilities. We also offer subject matter expertise in the design and development of enterprise grade controlled interfaces, MLS systems and other crossdomain solutions. Our focus is providing professional solutions to the Intelligence Community (IC) and Homeland Defense.

facebooktwittercontactrssWe are a service business. It's all about the people. Our customers and our employees are 100% of our business. Our employee ownership plan is one that will help us recruit and retain the highest end software and system engineers that are in our customer space. We are not technology snobs, no systems run without program management, O&M support, networking, configuration management, testing and development. Our focus is on building systems, but our business is end to end, if our customer has a need…we are here to fill it.

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PROBITY - probite (n) - The quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.

Today's technology demands are changing faster than ever before, especially in the government and national defense industry. With Probity, you don't need to worry about getting lost in the process. We're a customer focused business.

Probity wants to be your trusted partner in the I.T. field. Too often innovative efforts are hamstrung by politics and greed. Our pledge to our customers is to remain unbiased in choosing the right technologies to get the job done. At Probity, we are true innovators and will always strive to provide the best for you!


Probity - Creating Professional IT Solutions

Our development expertise centers around Object Oriented Design and Development. Technologies include JMX, Spring Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Struts, Jboss/Tomcat, JDBC and a suite of Javascript Libraries.

Our capabilities also include a large array of technologies used for integrating legacy systems. We also offer secondary development in C#, C++, Tcl/Tk, PHP, Python, C and Lotus Script.

For high-security environments, we have expertise in developing controlled interfaces, one-way transfers and reliable human review capabilities. Our systems share common malicious code checks, OLE decomposition, embedded file handling, file type identification and security models. We are experts at devleoping secure interfaces between systems utilizing secure connections, keyauthentication, encryption and high data-rate transfers.



Probity - Creating Professional IT Solutions

• Data Rockers- Extract, Transform, Load...that's just warming up...normalize, de-centralize, shard, share securely, de-dup, replicate, and make highly available. We aim for the enterprise early on, keeping an eye for how we solve today’s problems with a high interest in tomorrow’s reusability and scalability.

• Enterprise Search - Probity has expertise in developing Tera-Scale search implementations, for both distributed search and large singular implementations. We've worked with multi-lingual search functionality, text extraction, encoding detection, transcoding, clustering, categorization and real-time profiling.

• Storage Management - Our experienced staff can work with your data no matter what hardware or software applications you currently use. We commonly work with systems such as Oracle, Tivoli TSM, EMC Symmetrix, Clarion, Netapp, StorNext and Store Manager.

• Virtualization - Probity has the ability to work with almost any virtualization platform to make your data easier to manage and control. We'll help you set up a streamlined, secure and reliable system on VMware ESX/ESXi, Xen, or Citrix. ballWe also specialize in VMware workstation development and testing.

Probity - Creating Professional IT Solutions

Other Products

Automated Digital Forensics

Probity is more than IT Solutions and Systems Engineering. We’ve developed a revolutionary Digital Forensics Platform called Truxton that’s built from the ground up to automate the forensic process and turn data into actionable information. Click here to see how Truxton’s scalable, extensible solution can help you navigate oceans of data.

Scaling To Meet Your Needs

Solutions for your WHOLE enterprise.
Our solutions are developed around "generics" applied across the enterprise. Extraction, normalization/transform and loading are generic functions that should be abstracted out to a level that can be utilized across the enterprise.

Use what you need, WHEN you need it.
Probity relies on dynamic scaling of resources to meet the needs of your enterprise. Server provisioning, virtualization, clustering, and shared storage solutions are not concepts invented with the latest “cloudy” buzzwords. These technologies are how we meet the needs of the enterprise and they are proven both in their ease of implementation and in maintainability. Cloud concepts are not new, bringing them all together for complete enterprise solutions, that is the beauty of the cloud..

• Eat the LOW hanging fruit first!
We want to help our customers derive requirements that are achievable and are an instant success for the organization. We can handle the most complex challenges, but we also understand the power of succeeding and building momentum in an organization, especially where politics prevail and budgetary justification becomes a must.

Media Exploitation
Investigation of network attacks, bad business partners, break-ins, rogue employees or just general bad guys. We'll help you collect and process media easily and efficiently, keeping everything under your physical control while accessible from your laptops, desktops and servers. Whether it is a single laptop or an entire network, our work scales to an enterprise level. We'll help you find and analyze the data and help you build a legal case if targeted. Our services include:

• Processing
• Collaboration
• Translation
• Analysis
• Visualization
• Dissemenation
• Advanced Forensics

Our focus is providing professional solutions to the Intelligence Community (IC). We keep security top of mind in every project. Probity has experience with OS lockdown at maximum protection levels, SE Linux and Trusted Solaris, Tripwire, Wireshark, IP filters, incident handling, file type identification, ICD and DCID proficiency. We are working with our customer to help them with the understanding of the new ICDs as well as developing a migration plan for our work to move to these new standards.